Session Planning

Planning your recording session

• It begins with a release-quality recording project of your music that is suitable for airplay.

• Many churches have invested alot of money and time on smaller, unprofessionally produced and engineered “budget” projects that turn out poorly or try recording a project themselves. Professional help and working with a pro audio engineer will result in a product that will be a blessing for you and everyone involved for many years!

• A producer’s role is to oversee the project as a whole and is the ONE person who is responsible for the musical production. The experienced producer will enhance a project and act as an objective partner. The producer always has the big picture in mind and evaluates the individual performances to get the highest quality end product. Daylight Sound & Studio offers both professional production and engineering expertise to give you an excellent quality recording project!

• Bring YOUR own guitar or bass, it is a part of YOUR sound.

• Bass players generally do not need to bring their amps because they are usually recorded direct.

• Put new strings on your guitar a few days before the session.

• Re-tune your guitar several times prior to the session.

• Have your intonation checked for correct pitch up and down the neck.

• Keyboardist bring your own keyboards and stand.

• We have keyboards available but your own sounds will be much faster to setup and record.

• Drummers bring your own kits. Microphones are very sensitive and will pickup the smallest rattles, buzzes and squeaks! The microphones can be setup in a short amount of time, but for a release quality recording it could take from 1 to 3 hours to get the correct sound quality!

• Do a complete inspection and tuning of your kit for the best sound!

• Vocalists KNOW your lines! Backup vocalists practice with your lead vocalist! What sounds fine live, may not sound very polished in the forum of a recording studios listening environment.

• DO NOT bring friends who are not involved with the project. They may take your attention away from the project costing you time, money and a quality recording project!

• Musicians KNOW YOUR MUSIC! Be prepared! The studio is not a practice session.

• Keep in mind, recording should be fun and relaxing.

• Enjoy your recording experience at Daylight sound & studio!

Take some photos, take breaks when needed to clear your thoughts and ears, but the biggest thing is to just enjoy yourself!!!

We offer a relaxed non intimidating recording environment.
Provided are a 12 x 12 mixing room and a 13 x 18 tracking room.


1. Before you do anything else you need to pray and seek the Lord for guidance and direction before beginning your project.

2. Share this info with your musical director and praise & worship team members.

3. Contact Daylight Sound & Studio to discuss your project.

4. Decide what quality level of recording package you are interested in and the quantity of cd’s.

5. Select and prepare approximately 45-60 minutes of music that you wish to record.

6. Set up a scheduled date to record your project at Daylight Sound & Studio.

7. Continue to pray about your project both as a group if this is a worship team venture, or as a solo Christian artist.

If you have any questions, you can contact the studio via email:
daylightstudio (at) atlanticbb (dot) net.

Remove the (at) and (dot) and replace them with the universal email asterisks @ and . when composing your email.