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219426_seven_inch_45s_vinyl_record_bo.jpgDo you have a collection of vinyl records that you rarely are able to listen to? Many people no longer own working record players but still keep their records for nostalgic purposes. We can convert those records to a format that you can listen to on your favorite CD or MP3 player!

We will convert your albums and provide you with a cd-rom complete with search able tracks.

We prepare your vinyl by removing any debris in preparation for digital remastering. 1112659___dj__.jpg After the songs are transferred and mastered, the CD tracks will be divided and separated so they can be easily accessed and played utilizing the CD function buttons.

During the digital remastering process, we transfer the sound from the vinyl into our software. We then remove any “pops” and “clicks” that are present on the recording from scratches through the years. We then add special effects to compress, amplify and enhance the recording before the final processing is complete.

Price List

Vinyl LP Transfer: 33 1/2 Both sides $ 18.00
______________________ON SALE $15.00

Vinyl LP Transfer: 45s Both sides $ 4.00

Vinyl LP Transfer: 78s Both sides $ 6.00


The above prices includes;

  • CD jewel case and tray
  • Song titles on CD case (front)
  • Label on Cd Disc with album name and artist

You can check out safely and securely by using our “Secure Shopping Cart” below via Paypal. We accept all major credit cards.
(Please note: You must change the quantity to reflect the number of tapes or CD’s that you would like converted and transferred.)
(For example – 5 LPs – Quantity = 5)

Please Choose

Available extras:

Custom graphic, photo or cover scan printed onto CD case: $ 5.00

For more information call 814-9379070
or email
US Copyright law allows for one copy of vinyl media for archiving purposes.
We can only make one copy per vinyl.

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